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Poster: c-freedom Date: Mar 17, 2014 1:39am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: The Sunday Song: Franklin's

Blue Devil;

I posted the B. Miller article as part of one of the earlier 'Sunday Songs' and I agree with most of where it goes and what it says.
It certainly is a good starting point for any conversation in this area involving the music and lyrics of the Grateful Dead and Scripture.
I know when I am looking at the lyrics of the Dead I am bringing my own bias into the equation.
Yet with that being said there is certainly a strand of biblical thought running through many dead tunes as B. Miller himself acknowledges.
Is it exclusively biblical? No, of course not.
'I need a miracle' might have a church vibe to it but I think we all know it is a party song and then some!
But when I read the Bible and dwell on some of my favorite Dead tunes I get the feeling that Robert Hunter (at least) has certainly been inspired by Scripture.
To what extent and how much as a text of faith that is between him and God.
The text of Scripture are by nature offensive to humanity because they call us to account.
Heck, my nickname is FREEDOM I have never liked constraints of any kind from anybody at any time.
Yet. the Bible resonates with me in a similar way as when I first heard the Grateful Dead and then went to my first JGB show in the summer of 84.
Also I am not into organized religion. For the most part I see it as idol worship. There are certainly as many people inside of religion who need a good dose of Scripture and the love of JESUS as those outside religion.
My love for Deadhead's stems from my time on the road following the band. That was my blood, sweat and tears family! [IMO- Furthur is the next generation but not mine]
So I want to share what has been the most major change in my life since my tour days and that is my love for the Word of GOD and the testimony of Jesus Christ.
And I also want to explore the music I came of age with, it's roots and to keep searching for the sound!
It is kinda like having a party and trying to get everyone I invited to mingle but the guests at the party represent many varied interests. In the old days I could have spiked the fruit punch bowl and just stood back and let the good times and mayhem roll.
Today I have my memories of those weird but wonderful days on tour.(What I can remember-I still treasure) and my Bible (which I love but most of the world hates.)
The words of Hunter that keep coming back to me are "Does GOD look down on the Boys in the Barroom" and my life experience says, 'Yes' and my Bible says, 'Yes'[reference-Jesus on the prodigal son]
The advise Hunter gives in Franklin's is when I get confused, " Listen to the music play" and the Dead's music has certainly been the soundtrack to my life.
Thanks for taking the time to respond BD !
"Nobody left to run with anymore"- Allman Brothers